Untapped Apps Round Three: Vote for Music App Ideas

Evolver.fm's untapped apps -- vote on ideas for music apps.Smartphone apps are the new screenplay: Everybody seems to have an idea for one, but few ever see their ideas made.

To avoid sending all those great ideas down the proverbial drain, and inspired by the democratic process, we at Evolver.fm created a series of polls called Untapped Apps where you can submit – and take credit for — your music app ideas.

These “Untapped Apps” can be designed to run on smartphones, game consoles, web browsers, computers, tablets, televisions, set-top boxes, toaster ovens (eventually), and anything else that can run an app. The only other rule is that they have to have something to do with music — playing, controlling, remixing, warping, sharing, streaming, mashing, or something previously unimagined.

The first round and second round of Untapped Apps spawned all sorts of great ideas.

For this current third round, your job is simple. Vote on the below ideas and, if you have an idea, submit it for the next round by emailing “untapped apps at echonest dot com.”

The items in the survey are presented in random order:

Vote on the Future of Music Apps

Thanks for voting! We’ll keep you posted.

Photo courtesy of Flickr/serendipity

  • Doug

    You should investigate http://www.publishmymusic.com

  • Huynh511982

    Need to have music list from not just main stream artist.
    Remixes by different DJ’s
    Underground alternative-industrial music of the 80′s-90′s
    That would be the ultimate station.