Paul Lamere

Bipolar Radio

Bipolar Radio is an Internet Radio web application (similar to Pandora), with a special feature. When you absolutely need to hear an upbeat song, just click on the yellow happy face, and a high energy song by the current artist ...

Boil The Frog

Boil the Frog lets you create a playlist of songs that gradually takes you from one music style to another. It's like the proverbial frog in the pot of water. If you heat up the pot slowly enough, the ...

Click Track Plotter

Use this application to look at tempo plots for any song to see which bands have a machine controlling the heartbeat of the band. Type in the name of an artist and/or track and get a click plot of ...

Infinite Jukebox

For when your favorite song just isn't long enough

With this Web App you can upload your favorite MP3 and generate an infinite and ever changing version of the song. You can listen to your favorite song forever.

The ...

The Music Maze is a web application that allows you to explore the world of music by following paths in a maze of thousands of artists.

Roadtrip Mixtape

What is this?

This is an application that you can use to create road trip playlists. Type in the name of your starting and ending points, and the application will create a playlist of music by artists that from the ...

Search For Music By Drawing a Picture of It

From the "Because You Can, That's Why" department comes a web app from Music Hack Day Montreal that lets you draw a line by dragging dots around on a nice-looking graph, indicating the loudness (basically, volume level) of the ...

Six Clicks to Imogen

The hack is a game where the goal is to find the shortest path from a randomly selected artist to Imogen Heap.

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