AirBubble is a lightweight AirPlay audio receiver. It will appear in AirPlay applications (such as iTunes) as a device you can play music to. It works in the background, streaming music to your Android device.

This version is fully featured ...

AirBubble License

This is the AirBubble license that will unlock the 30 minutes limitation of AirBubble.

Make sure you have installed and tried AirBubble first.

Important: Once this license app is installed, you must launch the AirBubble App, and not this license ...


BubbleDS is a Control Point for your Linn DS devices.

With BubbleDS you can easily manage playback, playlist, radio, and switch sources of your devices.

Do not buy this app if you do not own a Linn DS or DS-I ...


BubbleUPnP is a full featured UPnP/DLNA Control Point and an UPnP Media Renderer. Play easily your music and videos on your phone and devices on your network (DLNA TVs, XMBC, WMP, ...) from your external UPnP Media Servers.

Internet Streaming ...

BubbleUPnP License

This is the license for BubbleUPnP, removing the ads and limitations of the free version. Please install and evaluate the BubbleUPnP app first as this is just the license.


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