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FStream is as little webradio player. FStream recognize this audio formats: MP3; OGG / Vorbis; WMA over MMS; AAC / AAC+ And this playlist formats: PLS; M3U; ASX

MP3 Encoder
MP3 Encoder is an application for converting a variety of audio formats to MP3 using the high quality LAME encoder. It is multi-threaded and will batch convert multiple files at once, up to the number of processor cores your system ...

Batch audio file converter for many formats. Also supports many ringtones formats. Just set the options and drag in files or folders to convert. Supported formats include: input: 4xm, 8svx, ac3, aif, aifc, aiff, al, ape, au, auto, avi, avr ...

Tunesify is the simplest way to convert almost any audio file into formats supported by iTunes, iPods and iPhones. Tunesify can convert FLAC, Windows Media Audio, WavPack, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey’s Audio and many more. Lossless formats, such as FLAC ...

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