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All around the world, musicians are sitting alone by their webcams, and they're nervous.

They're about to appear in front of strangers everywhere, where they'll have to bring their best stuff. Otherwise, these hopefuls will be unceremoniously ...


The OurStage Radio app allows you to find the newest indie artists out there without having to sift through all the Top 40 fluff currently out there. Simply select which genres of music turn you on or turn you off ...



We have created an awesome music service where you can play music against your friends, in a new and seriously exciting way. But it’s hard to explain ofthemuse in one sentence. To convince people to try it out. It ...


Music Fan

Test your abilities as a music critic. Watch emerging artists perform. Some are amazing. Some aren't. Do you know the difference? Find out here.


Receive honest feedback. Emerge from the crowd. Upload a video with your ...

Listener Approved


Listener Approved is a musical web and mobile app that’s on a mission to free music. We provide independent musicians with a platform that features everything they need to promote themselves and share their works of art with listeners ...



sonicpanther is the world's smallest jukebox. Control the music that plays at house parties: choose the tunes you want to hear and vote on your friends' music choices.



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