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Volume Toggle(Pro)
Hard to adjust volumes? You can. Hard to switch volumes? You can. Any suggestion or bug, please mail me directly in English. * adjust volumes * switch/edit/add/remove volume profiles * widgets and widget cycle definition * headset profile * Volume Timer(Lite ...


Noize automatically adjusts music playback volume to counterbalance outside sounds. 

- Use as an alternative for the iPod application. 
- Capability to drown out unwanted noise when listening to music. 
- New ability to decrease music volume when sound level rises (eg somebody ...


This is Player App that records, pauses and controls volume automatically according to the reaction to outside noise while you are listening to music. 

Do you like listening to music on your iPhone while working, but hate missing important calls ...

Volume Control (Pro)

This is not a widget!

This is not a window!

This is onscreen control, overlay all other windows.

Features: volume control, equalizer, sound mixer, adjusting volume of all sound streams, bass boosting, virtualizer and much more. 

Minimalistic fully customizable design ...

MP3 Amplifier

Amplify MP3 files on your phone quickly and easily!

So you already set the volume to maximum, bought those cool headphones, but volume on your music or ringtone is still not loud enough?

The solution might be as easy as ...

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