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Digital Audio Recorder
Turn your phone into a digital audio recorder. This digital audio recorder records voice memo, meetings, lectures and audio notes. All your recordings can be stored in separated categories for easy retrieval. You can create new categories. You can share ...

RecForge Pro - Audio Recorder
RecForge is a dictaphone that records high quality wav, mp3 or ogg files. RecForge is a high quality voice recorder. You can record every thing in wav, mp3 or ogg and replay it. This version is the pro version. Buy ...

TapeMachine Lite Recorder

Record, edit, share.. You have a mini voice & music studio in your pocket. TapeMachine is a high-quality sound recorder and editor, featuring a powerful waveform display.

  • zoom and scratch
  • select, export, edit, undo
  • fade in, fade out, normalize
  • looped playback ...

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