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Put a theremin in your pocket. Modeled after the infamous instrument that lent spooky sounds to countless classic sci-fi and horror films, Theremin-ator allows you to evoke the theremin magic by using the touch or accelerometer interface on your iPhone ...

DJ Spooky


DJ Spooky official iPhone App developed by DJ Spooky and Musicsoft Arts.

Download, play and mix exclusive DJ Spooky track created for this App.

Play sound effects over the tracks, including special sound effects created by DJ Spooky for this ...

Tilt Theremin


Tilt Theremin is an app for emulating the Theremin musical instrument. Using different motion sensors, it lets you control volume and pitch by waving the device in the air. It is perfect for playing the Doctor Who theme song, Star ...

Zombie Rock

Zombie Rock


Built for zombie fans with rhythm

Especially for the autumn season


Zombie Rock Includes

-Three zombie songs:

SC1: -the graveyard

SC2: -the mansion

SC3: -inside the mansion


-Three zombie scenes:

SC1: -the graveyard

SC2: -the mansion

SC3: -inside ...

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