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Wall Speaker Unlocker
"This unlocks all the features and removes ads from the Wall Speaker wallpaper This unlocks all the features and removes ads from the Wall Speaker (Live wallpaper) application. You must have the free version of Wall Speaker(Live wallpaper) installed ...

Reemote for Airfoil

Reemote for Airfoil allows you to control your Airfoil installation using an iPhone or iPod Touch.

- Volume control for each speaker
- Master volume control
- Activate/Deactivate individual speakers
- Airfoil source selection
- Built-in Last.fm remote 
- Built-in iTunes remote
- Built-in ...


Now with the ability to navigate NET/USB media such as Spotify, Pandora, vTuner, and other network services (only WITH COMPATIBLE MODELS - see list below). OnkoTron is the first and easiest to use IOS application for controlling Onkyo/Integra network ...


Soundscape broadens the sound field for closely-spaced speakers, producing a significantly wider stereophonic effect while still preserving the clarity of vocals and dialogue. Soundscape is especially useful for presenting the spatially-dynamic audio content. 

Soundscape applies to various docking stations or ...

Blue Tunes

With BlueTunes you can listen to your music and use other iPhones and iPads as loudspeakers over Bluetooth and WiFi.

The procedure is simple: On one iPhone or iPad you choose "Serve Music" and listen to your music as you ...


SyncStereo allows you to use two iOS devices as stereo speakers. Basically, while one of the devices is playing the left channel of the audio file, the other device plays the right channel. Mp3 files in the "File Sharing" folder ...


Play-Fi - It's Hi-Fi over Wi-Fi!

Play-Fi is wireless audio for Android. Stream your favorite tunes from your Android phone or tablet to one or more Play-Fi enabled speakers.

A great listening experience is just a touch away, thanks to ...

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