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SoundGarage Mobile
Unleash the power of SoundCloud from your Android device ** Top Rated Music app for SoundCloud on Amazon Android App Store. ** SoundCloud on-the-go. Stream and listen to your favorite music tracks, browse or search for tracks from other artists, groups or ...

Twist Radio


What is ?

I love discovering new music on the web, but I often find that I don't have time to listen to it all while I'm browsing.With you can bookmark music while you ...



Tuneefy unifies various online music streaming services to provide you with a fast and easy way to search for your favorite tunes and share them around you.

Let's say you use Spotify and your friends use other music platforms ...

Taglists by Eye-C

Play mixed playlists from YouTube, SoundCloud & more on your phone, TV & stereo.

Called "automagical" by Gizmodo, Taglists™ lets you create and share playlists that mix free music, videos, and photos from multiple places, including Facebook, YouTube, Picasa, and SoundCloud.

- Create ...




Herd.fm gets to know you by analyzing what you’re listening to on iTunes and what you’ve shared on Facebook.

Herd.fm then displays the music that is currently most popular with you that you can share as ...


Yamda is a twitter/soundcloud client mashup for iPhone to make it easier to discover and listen to music using twitter.


With it the main twitter timeline or search timelines can be used a playlist, skipping back and forth between ...


Plug.dj is a real-time social media experience combining music and video discovery in a fun and interactive online environment, complete with dancing avatars to match people’s personalities.

The plug.dj app makes it easier than ever to create ...



Capture a voice, moment or music in seconds or upload audio you’ve already created. Everyone has sounds to share. Now you can share yours. Create Original Sounds: Easily record and upload music and audio. See your sounds come to ...


Really nice app for downloading, searching and listening mp3 music. Powered by last.fm, vk.com, soundcloud.com


It's kind of like a SoundCloud-powered version of Last.fm; you choose a SoundCloud user and it plays music based on your choice.

It uses the information that SoundCloud has about who follows whom and who favorites which tracks ...


DISCLAIMER: Due to its advanced graphics Ecclesia does not work on the first generation iPad.

Ecclesia is an audiovisual iPad app created by electronic music artist Forss in collaboration with untouch.fm (http://untouch.fm/) and designer Leonhard Lass (http ...



Radical.FM is the personal broadcasting and music & audio content delivery service that enables anyone to discover, connect, and communicate in real time.

Radical.FM marries the interactive nature of Internet with the programming expertise of the entire broadcast radio ...


Whyd is all your streaming music in one place. Whyd is building the simplest way to help music lovers keep, play and share tracks they find all over the web.


Forever.fm [is] an automatic, infinite online DJ.

Forever.fm is a beatmatched stream of the hottest tracks from SoundCloud, mixed together to sound awesome, and continuing forever.

No advertisements, DJ chatter, or breaks.

Check it out!


My Cloud Player for SoundCloud

Music player powered by SoundCloud with scrobbling support with 'Simple Last.fm Scrobbler' app.


*** To all new users: If you don't know what SoundCloud is, read here before asking for full albums and commercial tracks: https://soundcloud.com/pages ...

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