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musweet keeps track of what artists and bands publish on the social web. You can explore recent pictures from concerts and artists, read the most recent tweets and check out the newest videos. All in realtime. Like an artist in ...

Next Big Sound Premier
There is a 14-Day Free Trial, which raises to $79 per artist, per month thereafter. -Connor

Quickly share the music you're listening to with PlayitLoudr. Integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Email, it's simple to tell your friends what song you're currently listening to on your iPhone. Simple to use; No advertisement


Readers of a certain age might remember things called cassettes -- little plastic cartidges with magnetic tape inside, onto which you could record carefully-constructed mixes from the radio, other tapes, and eventually, CDs. The past few years have seen several services ...



For the first time ever, Headliner lets you reach new music lovers on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace without making them Like, Follow or Friend you first. On Headliner, artists who make music similar to yours recommend you directly to their ...


Join JuggaloBook Today! The fastest growing, freshest site on the net! Add us on Twitter for site updates @JuggaloBook!



At Official.fm, we develop powerful music promotion tools for you, whether you're an emerging artist or an accomplished label.

We make it easy to manage a few tracks or a large catalog, create pages and players that look ...


App based on the Band: Insane Clown Posse. This app will blow your mind with exclusive content not available anywhere else! It's packed with biographical information, photo galleries, live updated links to Facebook and Twitter, upcoming ICP events, and ...

Pixies Official

The Pixies official iPhone app features: Free streaming of the Pixies' Purple Tape -- back in the US after a 10 year absence; Free download of the band's 2004 Coachella show; Pixies Minotaur artwork from Vaughan Oliver and Simon Larbalestier ...

Hype Machine

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