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SuperSonic makes finding new music simple and fast. Select an artist from your iTunes library and SuperSonic suggests other artists you might like. You can listen to a sample of a song by each artist, then save your favorites and ...


The Music Maze is a web application that allows you to explore the world of music by following paths in a maze of thousands of artists.

Music Hunter

Music Hunter is a beautiful, intelligent way to discover music on your iPad. 

Music Hunter provides super smart browsing and search across a song catalog of millions of 30/60 second samples. Every genre is covered including rock, indie, pop ...

Pocket Hipster

...Pocket Hipster lets you listen to some of the hottest indie artists in the world right now. Each hipster will scan your iTunes library and recommend new music you should listen to. Save your favorite artists and buy their music ...


Flowlist is an interactive playlist generator that bridges the gap between fully automatic recommenders and manual playlist building. The user can choose from a set of recommendations and, based on his/her choice, the system continually generates a new set ...

Six Clicks to Imogen

The hack is a game where the goal is to find the shortest path from a randomly selected artist to Imogen Heap.


MusicWheel is a music player for Apple IPhone. It provides an alternative user interface for music database visualization that displays selected Songs with a recommender System.

  • visualize similar songs
  • sort by Tempo, (BPM)
  • filter by Tempo. (BPM)
  • sort by 6 ...


Creates Youtube playlists. Uses the EchoNest playlist API to create the playlists.


Slice makes music discovery visual. Listen to full songs and find new artists.

Slice lets you listen to continuous play of your favorite artists, with song level control when you want it. Discover new music based on what you already ...


CatfishSmooth is a website that finds connections between music artists. For each artist, you will see the type of "similar artist" recommendations to which you are accustom. But you will also see some other inter-artist connections catfish has discovered from ...


Presto.fm is a free online music streaming and discovery service with the goal of connecting you to music perfectly matched to your tastes. We make it easy to explore a whole universe of music to find new bands and ...


The easiest way to discover new music based on your tastes. 


Music recommendations based on:

- Entire iPod library: playlists, artists, albums, or all songs

- Current playback item on iPod app

- Last.fm top songs

- iTunes top songs

- iTunes top music ...


Listen to millions of songs on YouTube in a convenient way, much like using a traditional player.

Musictube plays album tracks in their original order and integrates album covers, artist pictures and lyrics.

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