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Shuffle +, simply put, is the best way to listen to music on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Start with all songs or a specific playlist and swipe through upcoming songs in shuffled order while listening to your current song ...


Welcome to Reprise.

Reprise is the best way to enjoy your iTunes Music Library. Featuring easy and intuitive controls, playing music has never been this interactive.

Where Reprise really shines, however, is the fact that it implements perfect shuffle. By ...



Want a shuffled playlist but still in need of some control? Maybe start with a little Rock and end with some Christian Rap? 

PlayGrit is a grid representing songs in your iTunes library. All songs are represented by a single ...

Neutron Music Player

Professional audio quality and unique UI!

Neutron is a professional music player with high quality 32-bit audio rendering engine which helps to deliver to you the best possible sound quality from the Android device.

Neutron provides the sophisticated UI with ...

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