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If you’re a music student or traveling musician, you know all too well the trade-off between bringing all your scores and being able to carry them. ForScore offers another option, allowing you to easily download and store PDFs, tag-able ...


Anyone who has ever turned pages for a classical musician will recognize the value of the Tonara iPad app, which aims to give sheet music its own smarts so it knows when to turn the page on its own, based ...

Score Generator

Score Generator is an iPhone app that turns drawings on the screen into musical notes, enabling you to "play" art.



Notezart: a convenient cloud music score book with social elements for your iPad.

With Notezart, you can take photos of your paper music scores or upload it to notezart.noveogroup.com, and view them on your iPad. Forget about bulky ...



SyncScore provides wide variety of classical music with its synchronized scores. Browse beautiful library of hand-picked tracks, composed by your lovely composer like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and more. 


SyncScore is the ultimate hub for various SyncScore apps that contain ...



***Requires iOS 6 and a FREE ComposerCentral.com account***


Composer+ is a mobile portfolio for composers! Take your sheet music with you anywhere and flip through the pages, play it back, or email the sheet music right from within the ...

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