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Music+ is an elegant and powerful music player, designed for touch. Using flicks, swipes, and taps, control your music easier than ever before!


Music+ is a Top Music app Worldwide! See what critics and users are raving about.

"Don't ...


iTunar is the ideal music player for in your car, bike or at home.

iTunar makes it easy to control your favorite music by providing you with a fullscreen info of what's playing, with easy to use gestures(swipe ...


TuTuneMe is one of the more expensive music player apps for the car we’ve seen on our long quest to find the best ones — but in this case, you get what you pay for, thanks to a full suite ...


All car music apps are designed with simplicity in mind to some extent, because the whole idea is that they keep your eyes on the road, rather than forcing you to use tiny buttons and extensive menus. Chilli X’s ...

BIG Player

Car music app BigPlayer offers up three big, simple buttons for play, fast forward, and rewind. Other than some other niceties described below, that’s about it.

The advantage: there are no fancy swiping gestures to remember. The disadvantage: You ...

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