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Ringtone Designer - Create Unlimited Ringtones
Never pay for another ringtone. Ringtone Designer allows you to create unlimited custom ringtones using songs in your iPhone's music library. Use the beautiful interface to adjust your ringtone length from 6 to 30 seconds. Then swipe the audio ...

Ringtone Designer Pro - Create Unlimited Ringtones
Never pay for another ringtone. Ringtone Designer Pro is the first app to allow you to make unlimited ringtones from songs in your iPhone's music library. Simply select a song you'd like to use as a ringtone, swipe ...

ringtone editor
The best app you can use to make ringtones using the music on your phone. Features: 1. Search all the ringtones and music on your phone 2. You can cut the music as you like 3. Assign the music to ...

Ringtone Factory
"Create unlimited ringtones, notifications and alerts. Ringtone Factory lets you make, edit and create unlimited Ringtones, notifications, alarms, alert sounds and more right on your phone On Sale Now, Offer Ends Very Soon! Create your own Ringtones from your favorite ...

Ringtone Maker - Make free ringtones from your music
Use your iPod songs to create ringtones. Unlimited number of ringtones. Best free ringtone making app. Key Features: - Easily controls start time of the song. - Fade in and fade out. - Fast ringtone saving. - Record any sound and make it a ...

Ringtone Maker Pro - Create free ringtones with your music
RingtoneMaker Pro helps you make unique and funny ringtones from your iPod music. RingtoneMaker Pro is the first ringtone-making app that allows you to make ringtones from your own iPod music and apply advanced effects such as pitch shifting and ...

Ringtone Star
...1. Download music & videos You can download a video with a single touch and dozens of videos at once, and enjoy playing videos and music without annoying buffering and sync. 2. Make ringtones - If you find good source of a ...

Santana Ringtone
A ringtone for Santana.

Search Christmas Songs
Amazing christmas songs chart. All music free. Multifile and background downloading (you can close app when it download). Set songs as ringtone. Please rate and comment it. Found bugs or app fc? Please write on e-mail. All rights reserved to ...

T.I. Ringtone
T.I. Ringtones.

Taylor Swift Ringtones
Taylor Swift Ringtones.

Top 30 Free Ringtones
Best Ringtones Ever. This app is a simple service which helps you to make a ringtone of your favorite song. Download free ringtones for your mobile phone. click the button to play, Long click the button to set phone ringtone ...

Top Country Ringtones 100
No country fan with an iPhone should be with out this app. Top Country Ringtones 100 is the number once source for country ringtones on the internet. Great Selection Top Country Ringtones 100 is a fantastic compilation of ringtones that ...

Top Hip Hop Ringtones 100
Go hip hop by downloading Top Hip Hop Ringtones 100 for your iPhone today! The biggest names, the best beats, all wrapped up in one amazing ringtone package compilation. It was tough to decide which songs would be in this ...

Top Pop Ringtones 100
Description This application provides cover content. Top Pop Ringtones 100 Want to hear some of the best and most popular pop ringtones on your iPhone? Top Pop Ringtones 100 brings you many chart topping favorites and MTV hits.

Top Ringtones
Collection of the most popular ringtones from movies, famous characters, TV shows and music. )ver 48 high quality ringtones. Replace boring factory default ringtones. It's all free. Long press the clip [to] save it as a ringtone, notification, or ...

Willow Smith Whip My Hair
This Video only works with Videotonez (Free) *** You Must Download (Search for) Videotonez*** Search for more videos over 150 avaliable to add to your collection. Music Video Ringtone

Christina Ringtone

The developer, Funny Land, doesn't have a website, and this app is not (or no longer) in the official Android.com app store.

Lil Wayne Ringtone

Like many other ringtone apps, this one has been removed from the Android Market By Google.


Remix your music with effects like More Cowbell, Beat Reverse and make free ringtones. #1 in the App Store Japan.

  1. Pick a track on your iPhone or iPod Touch
  2. Choose an effect and hit Remix
  3. Select where you want the ...

Music Box Library1(MU-TON)

Contains music box samples of well-known masterpieces of classical music.

A convenient app for easy, automatic setting of sounds as ringtones/alarms etc.

01.Ave Maria/Schubert 02.Etude op.10-3/Chopin 03.Nocturne op.9-2/Chopin 04.Air on ...

Outkast Ringtone

A ringtone for the band Outkast.

SoundMatrix II - ToneMatrix for iPhone

SoundMatrix is an iPhone application which you can use to create 16 note musical sequences on your iPhone. Touch the matrix of cells to add notes to the sequence which will repeat indefinitely. This is best done thoughtfully one note ...

Ringtone Converter

Ringtone Converter makes 30 second ringtones from any song in your iPod library. You can make dozens of custom ringtones in minutes for every one of your contacts. Just pick a song from your iPhone iPod library, set a start ...


Make ringtones from the songs on your iPhone/iPod. Or browse through collections of hundreds of ringtones. Unlimited number of ringtones. Record custom sounds as ringtones. **DRM protected .m4p files are not supported.

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