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Feed enables complex, rich manipulation of a “live feed” of sound. 


Record, playback, loop, pitchshift and modulate the live feed in a variety of

ways to spontaneously create compositions from musical sources, spoken word or ambient sound. 


Performances can be ...

DroidVox - Voice Changer

DroidVox - Talk like an Android

Transform your voice with DroidVox and let your voice sound like famous robots! DroidVox is a voice recorder and voice changing app for Android phones using vocoder technology.

Use the live mode or record your ...


Chirbit is a useful and fun tool that enables you to record,upload and share your voice or audio files easily. Record your voice using a webcam or microphone conected to your computer, or upload an existing audio file. You ...


Grab radio from over 40,000 Internet and FM radio stations from around the world in the one App! 


Grab, Tag or Shazam songs you hear on the radio and add to your music collection!

Use GrabRadio to listen to ...

Hotel Dreamy

Ever wonder what other people dream about? Ever have an insatiable desire to share your own dreams with strangers? What do you dream about when you are away from home? 

'Hotel Dreamy' is a participatory sound art installation by Halsey ...

Ocean Voices

Sound artist Halsey Burgund and marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols joined forces to collect the voices of people around the world recounting their personal experiences with the ocean. Combined with music written by Halsey, these voices become an integral part ...


Scapes is a sound art installation that allows participants to walk around the deCordova Museum’s sculpture park listening to a mixture of a musical composition and voice commentary from previous participants all filtered and influenced by physical location.

Participants ...

Mountain Ghosts

Mountain Ghosts: a site-specific participatory sound art installation

Welcome to Mountain Ghosts!

This app is your portal into the participatory audio world of the 'Mountain Ghosts' sound art installation by Halsey Burgund. This project is commissioned by VAPA and is ...


Donut™ lets you record loops in two dimensions. 


A detailed explanation of how the app works is available here: http://thestrangeagency.com/circles-within-circles/


You can use it like a phrase looper, by recording horizontally while using the step controls to ...


NanoStudio is a recording studio for iPhone/iPod Touch. It has virtual analogue synths, sample trigger pads, a comprehensive sequencer, a sample editor, a mixer and multiple effects all integrated into a single application. Record your ideas in real time ...



Tonetic gives you the freedom to personalize your ringtone with our powerful studio. Tonetic provides three fundamental tools to create a ringtone of music and voice. 


Mic - record and capture voices around you, even the slightest sounds.

Music - choose a ...



FingerBeat is the easy to use pocket sampler & drum-machine for everyone.
Use your intuition! You don't require music school or instructions manual to figure this out. 
Let your imagination run free and your fingers will move the beat. 

Grab ...

Addictive microSynth

Combines the synthesis power of Addictive Synth with an easy to use 4 track loop phrase recorder.

#1 Staff Favorites on US App Store !

It was never so easy to create beautiful sounds and driving loops. 
The unique dynamic wavetable ...

Magic Stave


Magic Stave listens to you singing or playing an instrument and displays the notes played on a music stave and shows the note position on a piano keyboard or guitar fretboard. 


Automatically detects the key signature you're singing/playing ...


SongCatcher is the first fully functional recording studio environment on the iPhone platform, designed around capturing creativity at the moment of inspiration! It is the first app to feature both Audio and MIDI recording, making it the ultimate solution for ...


VoxBox is an application where you can easily record, share, and collaborate on audio files.


With VoxBox you can create new recordings or overdub (record over files) from your phone's music library or from uploaded files from the VoxBox ...

Hokusai Audio Editor

Hokusai is a multitrack audio editor for iPhone or iPad. Record or import a track, and make it sound the way you want it to: not just trimming the ends, but full cut, copy, paste and delete, and a suite ...



RØDE Microphones presents RØDE Rec, the definitive audio recording app for iPhone and iPod touch.

RØDE Rec combines professional features with an intuitive interface, making it easy to record, edit and publish broadcast-quality audio directly from your ...

VoiceTone Maker

VoiceTone Maker – Combine your voice together with background music to be ringtone! VoiceTone Maker is an application that able to combine your voice and your audio file together. All the combined songs will be able to be set as your ...

zquence studio

Your own miniature music studio!
---NOW with real-time playback!!!---
Loaded with a large set of possibilities to create you own songs whenever you want and wherever you are while having the option to continue working on the song in ...


The colorful and FREAKING FUN music-making app!

You get 8 keys. Press & hold to record a sound. Tap to play back. Shake to reset. That's it – easy Keezy!

Stuff you can do with Keezy:
★ Record grunts and beatbox with ...

Vocolo: Voice to Music Technology

Transform your voice into a musical instrument to create and record your own jazzy performances.

Your voice feels like it becomes a musical instrument with the Vocolo. With its sophisticated voice tracker, the most responsive on the market, the Vocolo ...

Piano Diary

Have you ever wished you could keep a record of your piano performance improvements? 

Have you ever wished you could share your best performances with your family and your friends? 

Piano Diary is a free iPhone/iPad application based on ...


Feedbands is a crowd-sourced vinyl record label that uses this app to help find one band, every month, to get a vinyl record pressed.

Here's how it works:

First, musicians and independent artists submit their music to feedbands.com ...

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