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[Press release] San Francisco – Announcing today at Tech Crunch Disrupt, LetsListen is officially launching into open public beta. LetsListen is a social cloud music locker that lets users chat with friends and listen to music together in real-time. Users can ...

rrrrradio is the best place to listen to your favorite music along with your friends across the Internet. rrrrradio is powered by Rdio Internet Radio, so you'll need a web subscription to enjoy the music. If you have an ...

Visual Player

Visual Player can play iPod Library's music with real-time visual effects.

-Dynamic Bloom effect.
-Full-screen motion blur effect.
-Customizable colors for visual effects.
-iTunes added lyrics(LRC format) sync displays ...




Blicko is a social music-player which lets people influence music when they are listening together. Each hosted music-player is called a Station. A user can connect to a station with any online device that has a browser. When connecting ...


iPulsaret for iPad brings all the powerful Density/Pulsaret (Mac/Win standalone) Granular Synthesis tools to the world’s most popular tablet. http://www.densitygs.com 


iPulsaret is a new real-time software capable of all time-domain varieties of granular synthesis ...

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