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At the time of this writing, SoundClash appears to be either broken or extremely buggy. Nothing we typed into its search bar turned up any results.

Bipolar Radio

Bipolar Radio is an Internet Radio web application (similar to Pandora), with a special feature. When you absolutely need to hear an upbeat song, just click on the yellow happy face, and a high energy song by the current artist ...

rrrrradio is the best place to listen to your favorite music along with your friends across the Internet. rrrrradio is powered by Rdio Internet Radio, so you'll need a web subscription to enjoy the music. If you have an ...


Use a Bookmarklet to add songs to your "Play Later" queue, add them yourself, or have your friends collaborate on your queue.

Then listen whenever you like.

Your friends can also listen along while you take control.

Uses Rdio API ...

Vela Pro

Voice control Spotify or Rdio with Vela (Voice Electronic Listening Assistant). Tell Vela what song, artist, album or track you’re looking for and away the app goes. It immediately recognizes your voice, and heads to the Internet looking for ...


Jukio [formerly Anthm] is an app that lets people control the music in the places they go. Connect your Rdio and Spotify accounts, host a party, and you and your friends can request and vote on millions of songs.

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