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KIHT No Repeat Radio
The KIHT Android application plays KIHT No Repeat Radio. The KIHT application is powered by Nobex Radio Companion.

Music Charts Deluxe
Music Charts Deluxe shows the current rankings of more than 40 different music toplists from countries all over the world. Furthermore you can directly watch the corresponding music videos via Youtube app or website. A data update containing the most ...

Slayer Pinball Rocks HD

"It lives up to its own name...it totally rocks." - MTV

"Not since Electronic Arts' Crüe Ball hit the Genesis in 1992 have we been this excited to experience the unholy marriage of pinball and heavy metal. Thanks to ...

AC/DC Pinball Rocks HD

For those about to rock, we bring you AC/DC Pinball Rocks! Take the stage and bask in the colored lights, roaring guitars, and thundering drums of AC/DC. Includes classic AC/DC hits, original voice recordings from vocalist Brian ...

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