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At the time of this writing, SoundClash appears to be either broken or extremely buggy. Nothing we typed into its search bar turned up any results.


Flowlist is an interactive playlist generator that bridges the gap between fully automatic recommenders and manual playlist building. The user can choose from a set of recommendations and, based on his/her choice, the system continually generates a new set ...


FeedTunes takes the top Twitter trends of the day, searches for songs with those keywords as lyrical content, and generates a playlist based on those results.


Creates Youtube playlists. Uses the EchoNest playlist API to create the playlists.


Studies have shown that listening to music during exercise works wonders on the mind and body. Not only can it improve results by acting as a motivational tool AND as a distraction from fatigue, but it can help improve lung ...


AllSongsBy was created to provide a simple interface to quickly list all songs by a music artist. You can also use it to list all albums by an artist or to find all albums on which a specific track appears ...


What is ?

I love discovering new music on the web, but I often find that I don't have time to listen to it all while I'm browsing.With you can bookmark music while you ...



Welcome to AudioVroom, your social playlist generator, where music is collaborative, like getting a mix tape.

Our app allows users to follow the musical preferences of their Facebook friends. It is like having the world’s largest music collection in ...


Earbits Radio provides 100% commercial free online radio, featuring high quality music from around the world. You can skip freely, share songs you like to Facebook, and your friends will be able to immediately listen to the songs you share ...


Digster has fresh playlists updated weekly. You can browse playlists by category, find playlists made by artists and match Digster playlists to your listening history and Facebook likes. When you find something you like you can play it in full ...

Decorated Playlists
This website is dedicated to the close relationship between music and design.
You can think of each playlist as an art-directed blog post, but with music instead of words. 



ShareMyPlaylists.com is a resource for Spotify users to share and explore Spotify Playlists. The site is a free resource for music fans the world over.

At ShareMyPlaylists.com we love music, in all shapes and sizes. Anything goes, any ...


Rage. Chill. RageChill. Discover new music simply by selecting how much you want to rage or how much you want to chill. Brought to you from Nashville, TN.


In a sentence, trntbl turns any tumblelog into a playlist.

The homepage features the fifty playlists which have been played most often during the previous week.  The goal is to help everyone discover new music (and new Tumblr users) while ...


Mixes created and designed, by designers. Designers.MX is about discovering new music. Music that drives our favorite designers, and allowing them to create a unique cover design for each of their individual playlists. A daily music and design masterpiece ...

Loudcaster Radio

This web app is an intriguing concept for anyone who’s ever wanted their own radio station — and perhaps also for bands to looking to connect with their fans through live studio broadcasts. First, you sign up for a one ...

Just Hear It

We've created the most innovative on demand music discovery service. You can instantly listen to any song you want without signing up or paying anything. 


Find playlists for all occasions, read the latest news and discover great music!

We are Tunigo, and we are about to help you find the most perfect music for your life. Think of us as your 24/7 personal ...

22 Tracks


Music discovery service 22tracks.com, curated by local top DJs from Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris, is the perfect guide in a crowded musical landscape.

22tracks.com is all about curating. It’s a jukebox consisting of 22 playlists of ...


See our full review of the desktop version, iPhone version, and iPad version. Also, note: the free version for iOS and Android now lets you listen to free Spotify Radio in perpetuity; you can upgrade for on-demand listening.

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