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The next generation in chromatic tuner and pitch playing app! Designed for sight musicians, singers, guitarists, choirs, and music students alike. 
PitchMe not only provides the analog tuning meter but also transcribes detected pitch to musical staff of a specific ...

Erol Singer's Studio

Did you know that most people, when trained, can learn to sing really well? To be one of them, you need two things: 1. vocal training, 2. a good sense of pitch. That's where this app comes into play ...

Sinewave Synthesizer

It's a simple synth that looks niftly. This app is a 16 step sinewave synthesizer that allows you to configure the pitch, mode, scale, and bpm. Please try it out.


Magnetometer virtual MIDI controller to control pitch wheel and mod wheel of any synth app that supports virtual MIDI. Supports multitasking so you can play keys with one hand in a synth app and have fine control over mod or ...

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