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The first just intonation musical instruments only choose Direction of the code. "It is musical instruments of the just intonation in complete" that had been said to be impossible from ancient times was finally achieved. Easy performance only of choice ...

Virtual Recorder
[This] high quality (voice) recorder/player [features] pitch -200% to +200%; reverse; recording preamp; 10hours record time; amplitude meter; loop; auto limiter detects clipping and reduces preamp; ringtone export; boost playback; delete all; send as [e]mail.

Voice Tuner Sing Karaoke Pro

Mobile voice tuner + find songs that match YOUR voice. 

GO PRO!! This Pro version of VoiceMatch includes UNLIMITED recording/playback, UNLIMITED matching songs, and NO ADS. Now SORT your songs too. Special price...just $0.99, only until Sept 30th ...

Metronome: Tempo

Tempo gives you the features you really need without sacrificing usability. Its engine is written from the ground up for high accuracy and stability. Over that is wrapped an attractive, simple and yet comprehensive single-screen interface. It keeps going even ...

Audio Speed Changer Pro

Slow it down, speed it up, transpose and customize your songs!

Audio Speed Changer Pro allows you to modify the playback speed or pitch of your audio files "on the fly" (realtime), fitting their audible characteristics to your needs. It ...

Tuner - InTune


Fast, Accurate, Easy to Use Chromatic Tuner

InTune is a Chromatic Tuner for any Musical Instrument. It can be used to tune your guitar, flute, sax, voice, whistle, whatever.


InTune has been described as Clean, Cool, Concise, and Very Accurate ...

Music Speed Changer


Change your music's tempo and pitch in realtime quick and easy. Just select an audio file, mark the region you want to play (and loop/repeat) and change tempo and pitch on the fly.
It is also possible to ...

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