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Guitar Headbanger--Be a Rock Arena Hero
The warning is there for a reason, I've seen heads fly clean off when cranial G-force is allowed to excede your manufacturer's rating. From there these mulleted missiles can easily cause injury to bystanders, property damage, and a ...

TriviaTunes - Name That Tune
Play “Name That Tune” with the largest collection of music anywhere. With TriviaTunes, all of the hits and genres are available so you can put your music skills to the test! It works great on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad ...

mix.dj Pro

mix.dj Pro -- I Want a DJ Now -- Welcome to mix.dj Pro, the mobile DJ music community where you can discover and listen to thousands of new DJs and DJ mixes Say what you think, vote and comment mix ...

mix.dj Pro Android

World's Biggest DJ Mix Stream With 25K DJ Mixes From 1000's of DJ's Wordlwide mix.dj Pro Android -- I Want a DJ Now -- Welcome to mix.dj Pro Android, the mobile DJ music community on Android where ...

Tune Drop

Forget spending hours creating playlists for your next gathering – just fill up your your iPad with music, connect it to the stereo and let your friends pick what they want to hear. Easy.


  • accesses your iPod music library
  • fun ...


Love to party? Have a good sound system but your iPhone feels empty? Have a few good friends with the hippest tunes on theirs?

Connect your iPhone to your sound system and invite them over, fire off WeJay and host ...

DJ Mixer

The original iPhone DJ Mixer is back with many improvements. The App allows you to quickly mix songs from your iPod music library. DJ Mixer is the only iPhone DJ mixer that allows you to beat match your tracks without ...

Flyzik Event

Flyzik.com, the club-culture oriented music download store, presents the official Flyzik Events App that keeps you and your friends in touch with the finest parties in some of the best places for clubbing in the world. With this official ...

FratMusic - Total Frat Move FM

Welcome to the Ultimate Radio Stream Version of the #1 app in collegiate music. Here is a place for College. Rage, and Frat Music. Now we are introducing the first ever college music app. Bringing the best in college music ...



sonicpanther is the world's smallest jukebox. Control the music that plays at house parties: choose the tunes you want to hear and vote on your friends' music choices.




Ever wanted to have an interface for iTunes that could be acessible by anyone you wanted for a party, server, ...?


Now you can have it.


PartyTunes is a fully-featured web interface for iTunes, that even extends iTunes supporting features like ...



budtobud - how it all started

On a Transatlantic flight a few years ago, Patrick wanted to listen to music with his girlfriend. With no headphone jack splitter, the best they could do was to load the same tunes on two ...

FourChords HD

The Ultimate Guitar Karaoke

Unleash your inner guitarist and learn to play your favourite songs the easy and fun way with the FourChords app for iPhone and iPad.


It’s easy. From the latest pop tunes to classic rock, FourChords ...

JukeboxHero - The Social Jukebox & Remote Control Music Player

♫ Transforms your iTunes music library into an interactive Jukebox

♫ Allows friends to queue up songs using their iPhone or other mobile devices

♫ Shares the party music experience through Facebook and Twitter

★★★★★ - Jukebox Hero is the Ultimate Social Music Player for ...


Jukio [formerly Anthm] is an app that lets people control the music in the places they go. Connect your Rdio and Spotify accounts, host a party, and you and your friends can request and vote on millions of songs.

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