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Dring offers a gorgeous handcrafted interface to customize and create your own ringtones directly on your iPhone. You can of course select the song of your choice or use the microphone feature to create your own recordings. But what about ...

Frenzapp Music
A social music player which lets you share your favorite music with your friends, listen to the songs they like and discover the best music together. Listening to music becomes social and fun.

LongPlay gives you a new way to enjoy music. First LongPlay is a complete and full-screen online music player, intuitive and easy to use. You can search for songs by artist, title or album name, add the songs to your ...

MyStreamŽ is a device-to-device(s) music streaming technology enabling multiple users the ability to eliminate the cumbersome practice of sharing headphones or using a splitter in order to enjoy listening to music with a small or large group of friends ...

Quickly share the music you're listening to with PlayitLoudr. Integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Email, it's simple to tell your friends what song you're currently listening to on your iPhone. Simple to use; No advertisement

Slide FunSpace
FunSpace is where millions go to discover, view and share videos, photos and notes. It is an entertainment platform programmed by you and all of your friends! FunSpace makes it easy to find videos and even easier to share them ...

venntunes is a fun way to learn more about your friends' musical tastes and find new bands. Features: Compare music libraries with one or more friends simply by bumping devices together; Discover how your tastes overlap by seeing which artists ...



Finally! Now you can take all your music with you thanks to the easy to use cloud music player, BoxyTunes.

➤ FREEDOM! Cut the cord! Wirelessly play music or podcasts on your iOS device. With BoxyTunes, you create a music playlist ...


Stop chasing your music across different machines, services and websites. It's time to take the work out of "play". If the song you want to listen to is in your local library, it just plays. If the song is ...

Profile Song

Be part of the most popular music app on Facebook.

Create and Share your Playlist with friends and access it through your Facebook account.

Discover what your fiends and other Facebook users are listening to.

Interact with other music lovers ...


Palmu is a music and social networking application for iPhone and iPod Touch. You can easily share music titles with your friends and save them as your own music library. Check them anytime, anywhere and enjoy discovering great music unsoughtly ...

Songspin Radio

Songspin is free streaming radio chosen from the best music sites on the web. We select the best music from sites like hype machine, wearehunted, exfm, pitchfork and from charts like billboard and iTunes so you only hear the cream ...


Blip.fm offers a fun and interactive real-time social music discovery service. Find, build, listen to and share your personal playlists with friends. If you use Twitter, you can think of it as Twitter for music!


CopThis is the demo tape for the mobile age.

Look someone in the eye and tell them about your new music. Take your phone out of your pocket and use CopThis to ...

This Is My Jam




Choose one song. That song that’s been stuck on repeat, that one you love. Personalize it to make it yours, then share it with the world. This is your jam, and it ...


SpotCast for Spotify

Introducing SpotCast by @jazzychad

"It's like Turntable.fm for Spotify!"

DJ your Spotify or listen to other users' stations!

As a weekend hack project, I have created a little app for Mac OS 10.6+ that ...


Use Songnote™ to tell a friend when a song reminds you of them. Use it to share your new favorite song, flirt with a crush, say happy birthday and most important, use it to have fun. It's perfect way ...

MTV Dedicate

Dedicate your favorite music videos to your friends on Facebook or Twitter or via email! Simply choose the video to dedicate, log into Facebook or Twitter or use your address book to choose who you want to send the dedication ...


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ SongDedicate

Finally, a fun and easy way to send, share and dedicate your favorite songs to your favorite people.

Quickly search iTunes, or select a song from your iPod, add a personal message, and/or your own custom photo. Then ...

ShoutOut Radio

ShoutOut Radio™ let’s you send, receive and listen to music with your Facebook friends. 

Think of it as your personal radio station where you can dedicate a song to a select few or send your favorite songs as a ...


Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's thoughtful, but no matter what, the right song says so much! Use Songed to officially dedicate a song to friends and loved ones. Share memories and connect through music and photos.

Send your ...


See our full review of the desktop version, iPhone version, and iPad version. Also, note: the free version for iOS and Android now lets you listen to free Spotify Radio in perpetuity; you can upgrade for on-demand listening.



Millions of music fans love the SoundTracking app and are sharing what they're listening to! It's the best way to tag, share and discover music, together with friends and followers. 

Right from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad ...

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