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Practice Makes Perfect
Tools for anyone who practices to music. Ad-supported. Premium version now on Market. Metronome: Audio correct, video best-effort. Sectionizer: Break a piece of music into pieces, then play some subset of them repeatedly. The premium version adds speed and pitch ...

Practice Makes Perfect Pro

Practice Makes Perfect has entered maintenance mode due to poor revenue. No further enhancements are planned and only critical bug fixes will be released. Please use e-mail if something is broken. ---------- Pay version of Practice Makes Perfect. Remove advertisements, adds ...

Music Theory and Practice

Combining structured music theory lessons with matching exercises is what sets Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos apart from the crowd.


Check out all these available subjects:


♪ Introduction to Intervals

♪ Introduction to Scales

♪ Circle of Fourths and Fifths

♪ Key Signatures ...

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