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Bundle Pro
This package of apps contains seven essential apps for your phone, including: Radio App New Music App Save & email Text Messages/Phone logs App Setup & Schedule Messages Invoice App- Setup/Send This application comes with full support. If you need ...

Gimme Music
GimmeMusic introduces you to new music in a fun, simple way. Everyday you'll receive new songs in various genres automatically. They'll cache quickly and you'll love it. Don't like a song, delete it, like a song ...

MTV Music Meter
The MTV Music Meter is a daily list of artists trending right now. Discover these artists and others like them through audio samples, photos, recent tweets, news articles, and bios. Or chart your own discovery path by searching through over ...

Every week MTV PUSH (Play Until Someone Hears) features an up-and-coming artist, giving you videos, photos, news, tour dates, bio, and related artists for the PUSH Artist Of The Week. In addition you can search MTV's entire artists library ...

Music Explorer Free
Search music and discover similar songs and artists with our unique music radar. Download or stream millions of mp3 files for free. For an adfree version download the pro version.

Music Explorer Pro
[Like many others, this app has been deleted from Android.com by Google] "Search music and discover similar songs and artists with our unique music radar. Download or stream millions of mp3 files for free. Pro version with priorized support ...

New Music Junky
">>Music from the Next Big Unsigned Artists all over the world. >>Listen and Download unsigned music before DJ's even get it >>Rate Underground music from new artists >>Unsigned Hype -From UK,USA,& World."

Slide FunSpace
FunSpace is where millions go to discover, view and share videos, photos and notes. It is an entertainment platform programmed by you and all of your friends! FunSpace makes it easy to find videos and even easier to share them ...

SongBliss is a hassle-free music and social discovery engine currently under development. ... Historically, the music industry has revolved around "physical products" that artists sell. This model had a good run over five decades or so, and was all about extracting ...


Learn Indian raagas and discover how to play your favorite songs.

Mojo Music

Discover, listen, download and share the works of independent artists from across the world. Powered by jamendo engine, the largest creative commons-licensed music database on the planet. It's all free, legal & unlimited.


Inspired by the artwork from YourSceneSucks.com. The user enters either their last.fm user name or a few of their favorite bands. INNRHPSTR matches up the user with the appropriate Hipster based on their tastes.


HueSound allows users to explore and discover new music based on color. Choose a color from the color wheel and the app will display cover art that matches the selected color. When the user clicks on an album cover, HueSound ...


The Music Maze is a web application that allows you to explore the world of music by following paths in a maze of thousands of artists.

Pocket Hipster

...Pocket Hipster lets you listen to some of the hottest indie artists in the world right now. Each hipster will scan your iTunes library and recommend new music you should listen to. Save your favorite artists and buy their music ...


Have you ever heard a new song in a bar, seen an opening band that you really liked or heard a friend talking non-stop about a great rapper and wished you had a quick way to remember that artist for ...

The Super Awesome Music Blog Finder Thingy

Getting tired of the same ol' music blogs you've been visiting now for ages? Just enter your Last.fm username and start exploring new blogs.Blogs you've never even heard of. TSAMBFT will titillate those ears in no ...


Slice makes music discovery visual. Listen to full songs and find new artists.

Slice lets you listen to continuous play of your favorite artists, with song level control when you want it. Discover new music based on what you already ...

Raaga.com - A World of Music

Raaga.com - A World of Music Discover and share music with millions of music fans. PC World - Best Music Website Award Winner! Full access to the largest archive of Indian music in over 18 languages including Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali ...

Pocket Popstar

Music Fast

Listen to the best music from independent artists and unsigned bands

Listen to and download free music from independent artists and unsigned bands.


MusicFast.com is a unique website where independent artists and unsigned bands can share their music, videos ...

KCRW Music Mine

Latest Hype

Latest Hype plays the latest tracks from the The Hype Machine (hypem.com). Latest Hype plays the latest tracks from the thousands of music blogs indexed by The Hype Machine. That means streaming mp3's from the worlds best music ...


Like a couple of the other web apps, this one creates Spotify playlists when you enter an artist’s name. It’s available as a web app and an iOS app.

Album Scout

A great app that satisfies your hunger to find new music. Works great for music fans who are consistently on the go.

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