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myTunz ~ A FREE Enhanced iPod Experience
Looking for an enhanced iPod experience for your iPhone or iPod Touch including gesture controls, a sleep timer, YouTube videos and Twitter and Facebook integration? Want all of that and more for free? Then this is your lucky day. Click ...

Awesome Media Player

Awesome Media Player is a whole new take on media players. While most other media players try to imitate their desktop counterparts on a small mobile display, AMP takes into account the limitations and unique advantages of Android devices to ...

Songbird (Beta)

Get Songbird and get going. The Songbird desktop media player and the new Songbird player for Android. Your music and playlists on your desktop PC and all your portable devices and phones.



PlayNext is a music queue manager that gives you full control over your playlist.


Oftentimes I find I am listening to something on the "Music" app from a playlist / artist or album, and I would like to choose what to ...

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