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Absolute Radio Player
Listen live to Absolute Radio on your Apple Mac desktop! The Absolute Radio application for Mac allows you to discover real music with Absolute Radio, enjoy the best undisputed classics of 1980s with the UK’s only 80s station - Absolute ...

World Radio Lite
World Radio Lite is an Internet radio player application that runs in the menubar and contains links to 100 popular internet radio stations (.977, 1.FM, Digitally Imported, radio.io, SKY.fm). Song information can be displayed as a "Growl ...



Play Pandora from your Mac menu bar.

PandaBar brings global keyboard shortcuts, Apple media keys, Apple remote controls, Growl notifications and more to your Pandora listening experience.



All Pandora Accounts Supported

  • Works with both free Pandora accounts and paid Pandora ...

Pandoras Box

Pandoras Box is a desktop Pandora client that streams your stations right from the menu bar. Create and edit stations, scrobble to Last.fm, use your keyboard's media keys, match songs in your iTunes library and more. Pandoras Box ...

TuneWiki Lyrics


Play your music or radio with scrolling lyrics!

INTRODUCING LYRIC ART --> Create Lyric Art with lyrics and your photos

Let Lyrics tell a great story for you!

* Listen to any music with scrolling lyrics

* Design & share images with lyrics to ...

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