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AirVox is a unique and precise musical instrument controlled without touch -- only using hand gestures and motions. Interact with AirVox via the front facing camera. Our real-time computer vision technology "sees" your hands' movements and turns it into musical notes ...


Play It is a fun and useful app to control your music with innovative, but simple gestures.

Play it has almost no buttons, because it uses innovative, but simple gestures. You can press the screen for example to pause ...


The whole point of gesture-controlled music apps is that they’re supposed to let drivers and other people who should really be focusing on something else play music on an iPhone or iPod Touch at least slightly more safely than ...




ZOOZbeat™, your Music reCreation Studio™, lets you reCreate remix and personalize songs from your favorite musicians. Now features the beats of Too $hort, Easy Star All Stars, and Kutiman.

Just shake, tilt , or tap your iPhone or iPod Touch to ...

Piano Invention-Glenn Gould inspired technology

Each song in the Piano Invention music creation app takes you into an imaginative musical and visual world. The songs draw on beloved pieces such as Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and Bach’s Prelude in C.

Touch multiple points on ...


★ Supports new iOS 6 features ★
★ Optimized for the new iPhone 5 ★

Launch Sale! $0.99 for a Limited Time.

Listen is the most beautiful way to power your music with gestures control.

Use swipes to switch to the next or ...


Transform your iPhone into a musical instrument. 

How to play:

‧ Tap anywhere to play a note

‧ Hold to sustain a note

‧ swipe for volume change

‧ tilt for pitch change

‧ swing for octave change


‧ Simple mode (play full note)

‧ Advance ...

CarTunes Music Player

CarTunes is the freshest iOS music player, designed entirely for touch. Control your music with swipes, taps, and pinches. CarTunes is ideal for listening to music anytime! At the gym, on the road, or lying in bed.

With more than ...

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