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EQu, Shape your sound. The first complete equalizer for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. ***Music lovers, this is one of the best 3$ you値l ever spend! Well done.*** from TouchMyApps.com Need more pop or boom? A crispier hi-hat ...

Silver Ears

Silver Ears is a simple feedback trainer developed for live sound engineers. With a 30-band graphic EQ, Silver Ears can help you hone your frequency recognition skills and boost your confidence working with rack-mount graphic equalizers.

Silver Ears is designed ...

EQ 10

iPod Music & Radio player with integrated Equalizer.

Give your iPod and Radio music an extra punch and sparkle with this amazing sounding Equalizer! Simple and intuitive to use yet highly accurate and powerful boosting \ cutting capabilities.

Equalizer -

  • Classic 10 Band ...

SuperLoud Essential

Let you enjoy the best sound quality ! 


This Clear Sound Engine (with Equalizer) has been focused mainly on developed its sound quality, so the default value set to the best sound quality for each device. (If you prefer the engine ...


iEQ is a ten-band graphic equalizer for iOS.


Fine-tune your audio in headphones or through any speaker system, in any listening environment.


iEQ provides exceptional control over the frequency response of music and audio played on your iOS device.


Note ...

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