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Guitar FX Deluxe (sample version included with EasyTune) costs $3.

Electric Guitar
Play the electric guitar on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Sounds are recorded in a professional recording studio.

Learn To Play Guitar Solos
"A series of how to play Lead Guitar A brilliant course of 20 video lessons on how to play lead guitar. There are several two minute tips & tricks to teach you some great licks which when you master you will ...

Smart Guitar
A must have for every guitar player. Freely and very forgivingly play guitar on your iPad, iPhone and iPod. Rather than staring at your device to choose chords or almost impossibly form chords perfectly, let Smart Guitar pinpoint the chords ...

Ultimate Guitar Player
[Like many others, this app has been deleted from Android.com by Google.] "The BEST Guitar how to, tips and tricks videos on the planet. This is not a static App. These videos are constantly updated by experts in their ...

HardWire HT-6 FastTune

Tune your guitar faster than ever with the HT-6 FastTune App. Based on the best-selling HardWire HT-6 Polyohonic Tuner, the HT-6 FastTune allows you to up to six strings at once. One strum and you’re done.
Don’t get ...

Magic Guitar

PLAY a note. SHAKE your phone. FEEL the magic as the music responds to your slightest movement.

Your iPhone is now a whole new magical instrument. Just cradle your phone in the palm of your hand like a guitar neck ...


GuitarTuna - The user friendliest guitar tuner app out there

♫ GuitarTuna
• The built-in MICROPHONE in your iPad or iPhone picks up the sound
• Highly accurate high-tech audio technology (known from Ovelin's award-winning guitar learning game WildChords)
• simple and easy-to-use
• for ...

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