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Stream your music and playlists from your computer to your Android, iPhone/iPad, or computer for free. ... Features: * Simple setup without router/firewall configuration * High quality, uninterrupted streaming over WiFi, 3G and even Edge * Widget * Headset support * Support for MP3 ...

Cloud Music
Note: This app is not officially associated with Google, Amazon, or Pandora in any way! ... Cloud Music makes it easy for you to use the cloud-based music player of your choice. It currently has extended integration with Music Beta by ...

iMelody.FM Music Cloud
iMelody.FM Cloud is an online cloud music service based on our professional iMelody.FM platform. It provides you with the best way to manage your music library, enjoy your music tracks everywhere, and you will never bother to lose ...

Orb Live

Amazon’s cloud music locker is already live, and Apple and Google are working on lockers of their own, but veteran Orb Networks has two big advantages, as the concept of storing music in the cloud and accessing it on ...

Ubuntu One

With new personal cloud music services cropping up like mushrooms in a cow pie, no one should be left out of the game. That includes the Linux-heads, you rebels.

It's only fair -- after all, a Linux server most likely ...


Now supports Google Play Music All Access*

gMusic is:

-The #1 selling Google Music iOS app.

-In the TIME's "50 Best iPhone Apps" list for 2012.

-Voted in top 3 music apps by www.bestappever.com.


Google Music allows ...

Sony Music Unlimited

Millions of songs and ad free channels across multiple devices. Subscribe today.

Get 30 days free with access to over 20 million songs*.

Listen to millions of songs anytime, anywhere via an Wi-Fi or cellular connection with the Music Unlimited ...

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