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Alarm Clock Radio ?
Clock Radio displays an attractive easy to read clock perfect for your desk, kitchen or nightstand. The radio is powered by Shoutcast Radio with over 25,000 free stations and well over 500,000 listeners. The combination of clock + radio ...

Work, study, party, wake, and sleep to internet radio with iHome+Radio, the new Internet radio app from iHome for iOS 4.0. Get it now at an introductory price of $1.99 Features: • Discover tens of thousands of radio ...

Beautiful Clock Radio for iPhone with Spotify & Alarm

Now with Radio stations in UK, Dutch, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, SKY.fm, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Spain, News, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Serbia, Sweden, Ukraine.

Beautiful Clock Radio is unlike any other wake up app you’ve ever seen ...

Spotalarm (for Spotify)

The original Spotalarm 1.1 recieved ★★★★☆ from MacWorld Sweden! Spotalarm has now reached version 2.0 and has been completely revised and many new features are added. Spotalarm is designed for you to be able to wake up to your ...



Circlo is an ambient audiovisual clock. The ambient soundtrack by Hannu Kuosmanen changes depending on what time of day it is while the circles on the screen pulsate gently. The music is at its calmest around 1 am/pm, and ...

Spoti Alarm (for Spotify)

The Spoti Alarm clock is the best way to wake up every morning listening to your favorite Spotify™ track! Simply search for your favorite track and choose your preferred wakeup time !

- You need to have the 'Spotify™ app' installed ...


Awaken is the popular Mac OS X alarm clock and sleep timer that's now available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

• Wake up to your music or built-in sounds
• Local notification support
• Supports multiple alarms
• Easy to ...

Arpeggionome Pro
★ "Arpeggionome Pro is a very very powerful arpeggiator that can really take your music to the next level" - Chip Boaz, iosmusicandyou.com ★
★ Rated as the "Most Creative MIDI App" by iPadMusic.com ★
★ Top selling music app in 40 countries ★
The ...

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