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Big Button Music Player

When it comes to designing a car music player, developer Robert Baker says bigger is better.

His app lets you choose between one comically large button, which can be assigned as play/pause or next track, or if you’re ...

Music Car Control

The primary focus of most apps designed for in-car listening is to optimize playback controls for safer operation.

Many stop short of considering the less life-threatening but also irksome issues that one encounters on the road — like highway noise. Music ...


Play It is a fun and useful app to control your music with innovative, but simple gestures.

Play it has almost no buttons, because it uses innovative, but simple gestures. You can press the screen for example to pause ...


Talk about simple. TuneControl for iPhone, designed for music fans who find themselves behind the wheel of a (possibly large) automobile, displays track information in a large, easy-to-read text format.

This design aesthetic shares more with a retro film slate ...


The whole point of gesture-controlled music apps is that they’re supposed to let drivers and other people who should really be focusing on something else play music on an iPhone or iPod Touch at least slightly more safely than ...


Car Player

Car Player is a simple front end for the iPod app on your iPhone with large “illuminated” buttons to make it easier to switch between playlists, Play, Pause, Rewind and Skip.

The app’s shuffle option takes the shape of ...

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