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"Metronome++ is a metronome + drum machine + music dictionary. Accurate and steady to 500 BPM! Select from 26 drumkit and Latin percussion sounds for downbeat, beat, and subdivision. Tap, finger-snap, or lookup tempo. Adjust meter, subdivision, and swing factor. Knows foreign ...

Tube Tempo BPM
Tap the screen to the beat of music to calculate it's BPM Tube Tempo gives you a retro style bright Nixie tube display -Stability indicator -Visual tempo indicator -Tempo fine tune buttons. -Ms and Hz for programming delays and ...

Click Track Plotter

Use this application to look at tempo plots for any song to see which bands have a machine controlling the heartbeat of the band. Type in the name of an artist and/or track and get a click plot of ...

BPM Counter Pro

Looking for a quick way to figure out the tempo of a song or need to create a cheat sheet for your DJ set tonight? BPM Counter Pro is a simple to use music bpm (beats per minute) counter plus ...

DJ Remixer2

DJ Remixer2 is the perfect mashup machine. Remix and re-sequence your favorite music live as it plays without ever breaking the beat! 

YouTube Video: Search for "DJ Remixer2"


- High-resolution graphics for the new iPad retina display.
- Load songs and ...

Beetronome - The Digital Metronome Beat Counter

Beetronome is a sleek and resilient beat counter from Printz Board – acclaimed Writer, Producer, Musician and touring member of the Black Eyed Peas since 1997.

Beetronome is made for artists of every skill and style ...


Need to know the tempo of the song you are mixing? It's just a few taps away. Make sure you got the beat right with the built in metronome to visually confirm your tempo and you're all set ...

Beat Bang


Produced by the Médiatheque (www.lamediatheque.be)

Bang Beat is an app that invites you to play in order to discover hundreds of electronic music references from 1988 to today.

The essential of the electronic music on ...

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