Tag: Animation

Aeolian Harp
The Aeolian Harp is named for Aeolus, the ancient Greek god of the wind. Wind harps are the oldest forms of automatic music. The app uses the wind harp as a metaphor and allows the user to create relaxing animations ...

Boondocks Ringtone
Boondocks Soundboard. The Boondocks is an American animated series created by Aaron McGruder for the Adult Swim network. These are sound clips from TV. Touch the tab "Ringtone" to save them as ringtones, SMS notifications or alarms. Enjoy it.

Bebot - Robot Synth

Upon opening the Bebot iPhone app, you’re greeted by a smiling, cute-as-can-be cartoon robot in a snazzy tux and red bowtie. He looks somewhat like the spawn of Rosie the Jetsons’ maid and the Pillsbury Doughboy, but instead of ...

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