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Playmysong - Mobile Social Jukebox App

Playmysong's mission is to make music more social in parties, homes, events and get-togethers! Our mobile social jukebox app has the following features:

1. Remote Control Mode

This mode lets you locate and use ...



Turning online music programming on its heels just one year into launch, VEVO’s “meteoric rise” (Mediapost) has been applauded by the Associated Press as a “striking example of the music video's dramatic comeback” while its mobile launch was ...

Maestro Pro

Maestro Pro is a virtual piano for the Windows Phone 7. Use it as a musical scratchpad when away from home, or as an instrument to jam with your friends.

-Full 88 key piano keyboard
-Record and save your ...

Honey Ocarina

Play a fully functional ocarina, an ancient musical instrument.  You can blow into the microphone to create a tone, and control volume by raising and lowering the opposite end of the phone.  Tilting left adds a vibrato effect.  The fingering ...

Honey Harmonica

This app transforms your phone into a harmonica.  You really have to see and hear it to believe it.  You can play your harmonica/phone just by putting your phone up to your lips.  Or if you think that's ...

Honey Guitar

There are a lot of guitar apps out there, and if you're like us, you try 'em all.  But we think you'll find that Honey Guitar is the most playable.  From the instant and easy chords to the ...

Auto Pitch

Want that fun hip-hop robotic sound effect like you hear with many popular artists?
Want to correct off-key singing? Or sound like a chipmunk?
You can do all of that with Auto Pitch!

Main updates in version 1.3:
- Auto ...


*A Fun Way To Listen and Browse Your Music Collection!*

RaidHD Presents:
The new iPlayer inspired by the good old classic iPod. With 20 different styles to use makes iPlayer even more personal and makes it hard NOT to be ...

Techno Kitten Adventure


Navigate a kitten by jetpack, fueled by hopes and dreams, through a fantastical world of techno music.

"Techno Kitten Adventure will be the next runaway hit. Mark our words." - G4TV

U Can Has:


Frisco - Sea of Love (Hixxy ...

SiriusXM Buddy

Mango update  - Now with background music playing, bluetooth support & other performance improvements. (only for users running Windows phone 7.5)

SiriusXM Buddy is a premium client application for windows phone 7 to listen to sirius/xm satellite radio using your ...


SuperTube enables you to play and download YouTube videos in HQ and HD by 3G or WiFi for free.
Version 2.3 changes
1 Lift restrictions of trial version on downloading and syncing videos
2 New Metro design
3 New ...

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