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Collect and organize your favorite music discoveries

Are you fanatical about discovering new music and breaking artists?

But why is it so hard keeping track of everything? brings it all together - like iTunes meets Pinterest.


On the Web ...


Emuze is a destination for discovering and sharing the content you love from today's best artists and entertainers.

Whether you are a fan of music, fashion, film or art, emuze simplifies your search for new content by collecting all ...


Our mission at BandPage is to connect people who make music with people who love music.

From Rihanna and Maroon 5 to Matisyahu and Mayday Parade, more than 500,000 musicians use BandPage to reach & build deeper relationships with music ...

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Concert Window

Concert Window, a place where people around the world can watch live concerts from the best venues in the USA, every night in real-time.


Chirbit is a useful and fun tool that enables you to record,upload and share your voice or audio files easily. Record your voice using a webcam or microphone conected to your computer, or upload an existing audio file. You ...



Here you can listen to the latest music from your favorite cities around the world.

The latest chart is where you find recently updated cities.

Check our individual city pages for more tracks, genres and stats.

The popular chart is ...

The best way for artists to release new music and videos.


Deep Facebook Integration

Showcase your music, videos and tour dates on your Facebook page. Fans can listen, watch, share, comment and more.

Social Launch Campaigns launch campaigns ...



With StereoGrid, you have a built-in distribution network of music websites, bloggers, and press ready to receive new music.

You first create a new release by uploading a song with supporting content. We deliver the song to the StereoGrid network ...


We are the world’s largest platform for artists to sell music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & more.

We make it possible for people like you to release your music without giving up your rights. Over 250,000 artists use TuneCore ...


At, we develop powerful music promotion tools for you, whether you're an emerging artist or an accomplished label.

We make it easy to manage a few tracks or a large catalog, create pages and players that look ...



PlayFi broadcasts concerts live onto the web so that fans from anywhere can experience music as it's being made. 

Just like a usual gig, you pay for tickets and support your artists, but this time you get to enjoy ...

Soundation Studio

Soundation Studio is a powerful tool for creating music online. The Soundation Studio sequencer contains many of the features otherwise available in expensive desktop applications. The main purpose of Soundation Studio is to bring these features to you through an ...

Artist Growth

Artist Growth, LLC is a groundbreaking mobile software platform that gives both amateurs and seasoned professionals the tools to manage their careers from the phone in their pockets. Users can manage and track daily tasks, coordinate multi-dimensional projects, and grow ...



Our vision is a world in which a lack of funds is not an obstacle for touring artists.

This should be so simple: Fans want to see artists live. Artists want to tour.

Artistic success should rely on communicating with ...


CrowdSurge was established in January 2008 to provide white-label e-commerce software, hardware, and marketing solutions to artists, brands, promoters, and venues, enabling them to sell tickets directly to fans.

Headquartered in London, and strategically positioned around the world, CrowdSurge has ...


DISTRO is a music distribution platform based out of Brooklyn, NY.

We want to change the way that people interact with music. We want to make it easy for bands and venues to promote concerts. We want to simplify how ...


Tips to help musicians get unstuck and get the creative juices flowing again.

By musicians, for musicians.

Want to contribute a tip? We'd love to hear from you:


Drinkify automatically generates the perfect* cocktail recipe to accompany any music.


Noteflight is the best way to create, store, listen to, print, search and share notated music online. If you are a composer, you can use Noteflight to author and manage your compositions. If you are a performer, you can use ...



We love guitars.

Tonepedia is a must website for all electric guitar lovers. It focuses on the most important kind of information- The tone. Our main feature is audio sound clips which actually let you hear how the different guitars ...


Menyou is an innovation group based in the UK, Luxembourg and Sweden. Our focus is to provide services that make online sales and distribution of digital media accessible for anyone. We believe that everybody should have the same opportunity to ...


Getonic simplifies all aspects of the digital sale making it accessible and easy to use, particularly for the teen target market. Anything downloadable may be sold including: ringtones, wallpapers, games, photos, greeting cards, etc.

The opportunity

Getonic’s offering brings ...

Sound Tourism

This isn't a music app, per se, but it's fascinating from a "found sounds" perspective. Basically, it's a sonic map that lets you hear interesting-sounding places, browsing by location or keyword. You can also add your own ...


Does your band want to play in Sweden? Upload you tune at, a MySpace-like site for your mobile web browser, and we get back to you. The easiest way to get connected with bookers.

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