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djay 2

Ready to rock your next party? Introducing djay 2 - the next generation of the word's best-selling iOS DJ software and winner of the Apple Design Award has been redesigned from the ground up.

djay transforms your iPad into a ...

iGrand Piano for iPad


Turn your iPad into the ultimate piano instrument with an extraordinary collection of ultra-realistic acoustic piano instruments along with built-in recording! Use the iRig KEYS ...


Songful is the world’s first “song-based” guitar simulator that allows you to play your favorite songs on your iPad. Brought to you by instruMagic and Ultimate Guitar, Songful will have you instantly strumming your favorite tunes on your iPad ...



Magellan is the bold new professional analog modeling synthesizer for the iPad. Not content with just one synth, we gave Magellan TWO independent polyphonic synth engines. Individually or together, they deliver a new powerful warmth to the sound of iOS ...


Developped by a composer, uPhase+ is a virtual instrument geared towards live play. It focuses on giving the player total control over phasing patterns that can be spatialized on up to seven devices. 


In uPhase+, you make music by superposing ...


v2 COMING SOON (share tracks as audio/auto transpose + more!) LAUNCH PROMOTION EXTENDED - See website for what's included. Now anyone can create pro quality music in minutes with the world's only chord-based loop app. With over 80,000 ...

Loopy HD


✪ Best Musicians App, 2nd Place in Best App Ever 2011! ✪ ➤ Create music by layering looped recordings of singing, beatboxing, or playing an instrument with a savvy, sophisticated, tactile new looper that totally reinvents the formula. 

http://facebook ...

Key Chords

Stuck in that "same old chords, same old progressions" rut?


Key Chords helps guitarists discover new chords and new chord progressions.

Ever study music theory?


With Key Chords, music theory 101 is built in. No complicated formulas, theories, Aeolian what ...

Marimba HD 1.0

Marimba HD 1.0 for Ipad.
The new way to play the Marimba.


Raindrops for iPad

You can play music touching on the screen just like falling raindrops. You can also play together with others on the internet or just listen to the music played by someone. Playing techniques and musical knowledge are not required. Please ...

Guitar KIt Pro HD

Now for iPad too!

With Guitar Kit Pro! Play the best songs with your iPhone and impress your friends with your skills.

The Droner

Welcome to The Droner, experimental noise & drone station for iPad.
- You can listen to a sample I made myself with it here :
- Asteroid Anxiety artist made this album using ONLY this application: http://asteroidanxiety.bandcamp ...

Nebula - realtime granular synthesis

Nebula brings real-time granular synthesis to the iPad, including glissons and grainlets.

Granulation can be performed on several prototypal waveforms (sines, triangles, 

squares, noise) and morphing can be applied between them.


It is possible to store presets and interpolate among ...


xMod is unique both visually and functionally. The synth is a polyphonic triple-oscillator cross-modulated FM synthesizer with 32 preset patches (sounds). Synth patches are displayed in a "sound map" that gives the player the ability to quickly move from one ...


Meedee is a simple MIDI and drumpad Controller for your iPad. It works wirelessly with any MIDI-capable application on your Mac and PC. The include Ableton Live, Logic, Cubase and many more.



  • Works via WLAN, no cables or adapters ...

Koushion: MIDI Pads


Pad-based controllers such as the MPC have become a ubiquitous fixture in electronic music setups worldwide. So, why would you want another? Koushion: MIDI Pads adds a new twist to the popular controller by adding a key lock feature and ...

Konkreet Performer


PERFORMER is a revolutionary way to control your laptop's music software. 

PERFORMER uses a shape that is a visual representation of the sound, which you can sculpt using multitouch and gestures, giving a completely new and dynamic method of ...

iSyn Poly


iSyn Poly is an electronic music studio for use with Apple iPad. iSyn Poly places an unbelievable number of features including three studio-quality, fully programmable virtual analog synthesizers and a drum machine packed in just three different screens on your ...

Easy Strum

Easy Strum is:

.... an autoharp for the IPad.

.... one of the easiest musical instruments in the world. From no musical ability you can be playing beautiful arpeggiated chords in under 60 seconds.

.... unique. Strum the piano like a harp, or ...



The mobile DAW you've been dreaming of has finally arrived. Auria is a 48-track digital recording system designed from the ground up for the iPad. With professional-level features like AAF import/export, and optional third-party plugin support from names ...

Digital Collisions HD

Digital Collision HD for iPad is a unique sound generator based on physics collisions algorithms.

It can produces real nice sound textures from the most clear to the weirdest granular.

The sound engine is a polyphonic tone generator. 


DESIGNED for ...


Turn the sounds of your world into amazing music and share it with your friends! 


WerkBench is a new kind of beatbox that is part loop pedal, part drum machine, and 100% beat-making magic. It's powerful, easy to use ...

Idle Drum Machine

A simple drum machine, already preloaded with sound files for your enjoyment. Brought to you by with compliments. 


New version features:

- new file management interface

- default example project

- several annoying bugs fixed (and hopefully not too many added ...


iPB-Nexus App allows you to control the powerful iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard from DigiTech. You MUST have the iPB-10 hardware in order to take full advantage of all the features and benefits of this application (See for details ...

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