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Social Music and Lyrics

If you're a music lover, you're going to love what you find here! TopBlip allows you to:

1- Express yourself through lyrics and music

2- Tag and follow your friends, favorite artists and celebrities to see what songs ...


Lystener shows you the lyrics you're listening to now and easily lets you share them on Twitter and Facebook by simply selecting them.

Rap Wars


Record and share raps to Facebook, right from your mobile phone! Rap Wars.

Rap Wars is the first-ever mobile app that allows users to do rap battles over the mobile network. It is more than just a mobile rap music ...


Music for everyone! Free Online Music Discovery Service.

Fans Forever And Ever

Generates a Geocities -esque fan website for any artist using data from Echo Nest and MusixMatch APIs. Each artist has a different "fan" with a different set of personality attributes which affect the content of the site. For example, one ...

Lyrics Search has a huge database of lyrics.

  • Search songs by keywords inside the lyrics or by artist name.
  • Share music lyrics on the web.
  • Tight integration with the Android music player.
  • When the song change it automatically download the ...

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