Xtend Fm Radio


by Andy Martinez


Publisher's Description

Xtend Fm Digital Radio lets you listen to live internet radio in an easy to use interface with the look and feel of a standard digital tuner. This application lets you listen to live internet radio feeds from the Extend Fm Radio Network channel lineup and its affiliate stations gathered from across the net. Extend Fm makes listening to internet radio simple and easy the way it should be. Extend Fm filters only the top stations on the most popular formats and assigns a channel number 88-108 presented just like regular radio so you always have easy access to them. Xtend Fm's managed channel line-up comprises only of the top-rated internet stations, most popular and requested formats from best selling artists, and even some exclusive channels from the most well-known trend setting music cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, and Nashville.

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