Wave - Against Every Beat


by Colorbox


Evolver Review

...After playing around with it a bit, we’re mightily impressed by the graphics and the gameplay, which lets you accumulate ever-increasing weaponry in your quest to blast dastardly cubes as they fly down from the top of the screen in heavy sorties. Who doesn’t love blasting these cubes?

But ultimately, WEAB only scratches the surface in terms of what’s possible with a musically-driven arcade game. For starters, it’s hard to connect the cube formations to the beats, or at least I didn’t notice much of a correlation. I did notice that more beats generally meant more cubes, but the integration between the music and the game could be much tighter. And, of course, one should be able to choose from more songs (preferably from one’s own music collection) rather than putting up with whatever poppy jam the game decides to throw at you.

Waves Against Every Beat is an amusing diversion, especially if you manage to download it today for free. That said, we can’t wait to see the synchronized games app developers will come up with in the future...


evolver.fm review by Eliot Van Buskirk

Publisher's Description

Wave - Against Every Beat! Immerse yourself in an intense shooter where the beats and rhythm of your own music create the enemies and action around you.

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