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Boost Sound Volume up to 30% (no root needed.) ** Warning : not working with every device/ ROM, test the trial version first ** Unlock Sound Volume limitation present in your device when you use a Headset/Headphone or any other line-out device, and so Significantly Boost Volume Level. Just place the widget on your home, click it to switch to "On" and plug a headset/audio headphone * Or * Use autostart mode (see settings) * Kown to be working with: - Samsung Galaxy Tab **New** - myTouch 4G - HTC G2 - HTC Evo - Nexus One 2.2 - HTC Droid Eris (VZW) - HTC Desire HD - HTC Desire Z - HTC Desire 2.1, 2.2 - HTC Legend - Samsung Captive - LG GT540SWIFT - LG Ally Please report by email before 1-star this app, I always reply : jerome@diniho.net

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