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Vokul is the first 100% handsfree app for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that allows you to DJ music and podcasts, dictate text messages, and call contacts in your address book, without pressing any buttons. Vokul is fast, accurate, and tuned for noisy environments, like your car.

Use vokul's simple voice commands to control your device's media player, even while audio is playing. You can skip backward and forward within a track, navigate between tracks, pause/resume playback, and speed up or slow down podcasts.

Launch vokul and connect your device to your vehicle or home stereo system for the ultimate handsfree audio experience.


  • “hey vokul ... (dings) ... text Andrew”
  • “hey vokul ... (dings) ... call Mom at home”
  • “hey vokul ... (dings) ... play sonata in F major”
  • “hey vokul ... (dings) ... play 80s”

New in version 1.1, it's now easier than ever to dictate and send a text message safely while on-the-go. vokul guides you through composing and sending your message with clear and pleasant voice prompts. It's the safest way to send a text message while driving.

Unlike other voice control apps, vokul can be controlled entirely with your voice. vokul's proprietary "Always Listening" technology allows it to respond to your commands only when called upon. You can even say commands while audio is playing, thanks to vokul's acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) technology. With vokul, button presses and distracted screen glances are a thing of the past.

Examples (while audio is playing):

  • “vokul forward 30” : skips forward 30 seconds
  • “vokul back” : skips backward 15 seconds (configurable)
  • “vokul pause” : pauses playback
  • “vokul play podcasts” : starts playing podcasts; the most recent episode is played first

Vokul works on iOS devices including the iPhone 3GS and later models, iPod touch 3G and later models (iPod touch 3G requires an external mic), and all iPad models. Supported freeform dictation languages include English (Australian, U.K., and U.S.) and Spanish (Europa, Mexican, and U.S.)

Check out www.vokulnation.com for more information and videos showing vokul in action.

Note: vokul currently does not support reading received text messages, due to limitations imposed by iOS.

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