Voice Band


by WaveMachine Labs, Inc.


Publisher's Description

Voice Band introduces a revolutionary new way to make music - with your voice. By simply singing into your phone, Voice Band transforms your voice into ten different instruments in real time. Voice Band features a recorder which lets you build a song, one instrument at a time. Auto pitch mode helps you stay on key, and if you're a musician, you'll appreciate the adjustable scale and metronome. Voice Band also includes a built-in effects processor with distortion, reverb, and delay. New Features: All new high-quality instruments available through In-App Purchase; Brand new stereo samples include: Strings: Violin and Cello; Guitars: Power Chords 2, Fuzz Box, Lead 2, Muted Guitar, and Rock Bass; Synths: Fat Synth, Talk Sitar, Magic Chords, Synth Pad, Drone Synth (3 variations), and Flux Flute; Drums: Morph kit (2 variations), Rock Kit, Techno Kit, and Cymbals (China and Splash); Improved Auto-Pitch voice tracking now detects your voice more smoothly, making your recordings less "pitchy" and more polished; a more powerful playback engine; hear your own voice while recording, which can help you stay on key; Watch demonstrations from within Voice Band for helpful Tips and Tricks on getting the most from your recordings. Existing Features: Turns your voice into an instrument, in real time; Built-in recorder allows you to record an entire song, one instrument at a time; iPod player lets you play along with your favorite music; Drum mode lets you play both kick and snare at the same time by singing at two different volumes; Auto Pitch mode helps you to stay on key; Adjustable octave; Effects include distortion, reverb and delay; Adjustable musical scale for auto pitch includes Major, Minor, Blues, and Pentatonic; Built-in metronome with adjustable tempo; Songs can be saved, and e-mailed from within Voice Band.

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