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VISUAMUSIO is an iPad application for the creation of visual music animations. Animate with shape and sound to create films that are both musical and visual.

Since the early 20th century experimental filmmakers and animators have been intrigued by the relationships between sight and sound, visual imagery and musical composition, and have explored these in new and exciting forms of expression. These expressions are called "Visual Music" and have had a lasting influence on modern computer animation and motion graphics.

VISUAMUSIO pays tribute to their experimental investigations. Ranging from simple dances of geometric shapes and synthetic sounds to more complex algorithmic visual symphonies, the depth of possibilities are open to you. Experience the world of visual music.

When you have finished your work, you can share it with the world. On the sharing page, you can label your music and visuals with your work title and your name. You can view your sound scape like seeing sketchbooks in a line.


Software Developed by FUTONE INC. 

API and Generative Audio System by RaNa gRam.


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