by Federico Carnales


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UberMusic is a beautiful and highly customizable music player for Android.

You can change the entire user interface by applying skins, which you can find on the market by searching for "UberMusic Skin". The last three screenshots here show the "Metro" skin available for free in the Market.

Note: If you had previously installed the Beta version and you're getting a "Package not signed correctly" error, uninstall the Beta and install this again.

Some key features:

- Fully skinnable (search for "UberMusic Skin" on the Market).

- Automatically downloads artist pictures and sets them as the screen background for that artist.

- 6 different widget sizes. The widget is fully skinnable too.

- Free live wallpaper included that shows album art from your music collection.

- You can click on the "Play" button next to an artist, album, playlist, etc. to directly play all the corresponding tracks.

- True shuffling (as opposed to just choosing a track at random) that avoids playing the same song twice.

- Super smooth interface with custom overscrolling on lists.

- Scrobbling support through the official Last.fm app or through ScrobbleDroid/SLS.

- You can choose which tabs to show on the Library screen.

- Custom minimalistic status bar that you can still swipe down to see your notifications.


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