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TuneTug makes parties more fun by letting attendees vote on what song is played next live. Just use TuneTug to put your best party music together on your iPhone or connected iPod or iPad. Users on most any type of mobile phone can vote and see the playlist live... just send them the web link. Users can 'Tug up' and 'Tug down' songs. The song with the most up tugs plays next. You can also see who tugged what song. If you have two iOS devices, you can set up the music on one, and vote on the other. Great for... parties, big and small; housemates; hanging out; road trips and much more. Visit the 'About' section at TuneTug.com on your computer for additional resources including: Party web page to show the current playlist and voting activity live at your event; Printable flyer telling everyone how control the music.

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