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Tunaspot is a location based music platform. Imagine a map where you can zoom in onto a tiny beach house in Brazil and tune in to their public playlists.

Imagine coming to Barcelona, opening you smartphone and getting the music profiles for all the cool clubs and bars around you: Listen to the DJ set from the club around the corner and or to the jazz fusion Spotify list from Barcelona’s best jazz café further down the street.

Today all music is readily available (for free) on the internet. Since the supply of lovely music is now officially unlimited, we are more than ever in need of quality filters. Current music services solve this problem to some extent with social filters. Like Soundcloud followers or Spotify Social.

Tunaspot takes a different approach, filtering music by location. Enabling you to discover music that works best for a particular location or activity. It can be your home town, your balcony, a secret beach, your gym or your favourite club.

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